Zan the Zebra

An Ode to Zan the Zebra

Zan the Zebra was a special zebra indeed
She was a radio DJ in her land of Zimbabwe

While off the air she would whip out her sax for a toot
Jamming along to the songs was a real kind of hoot

Once when jamming along Zan didn’t realise she was on the air live
All the animal kingdom heard her and really loved her jive

All the listeners kept calling requesting more saxy Zan grooves
And many where amazed how well she played the sax with hooves

The demand was so huge that she got her own sax show
An hour every day of sax Zan jams saw her popularity grow

One day she got a call from sax legend Kenny G
And agreed to perform on his new tour called ‘My saxophone and me’

The tour was a success and she received rave reviews
The highlight being a five antler rating from critic Tony the Moose

The End