Winston the Wave

An Ode to Winston the Wave

When he was just a little ripple on the seashore
Winston had dreams bigger than a Walmart store

He dreamed of travelling the globe with his buddies all around
Causing ruckus in the oceans always with a splashing sound

They’d flip over boats and then crash onto the beach
Loom large in the shadows and out of reach in the deep

They’d sneak up on swimmers who were faced towards the land
And slap them on the back and fill their pants full of sand

Surprising the surfers was their favourite activity
Those sneaky humanoids always trying to catch waves with glee

Winston and buds would come roaring in from out the back
They didn’t wanna be caught they wanted to rumble and attack

Crashing down on those surfers in a whitewash blast
Humongous closeout sets coming strong and fast

To commemorate their fun surfboards they would nab
And sometimes went surfing themselves it was always fab

The End