Filthy Flamingo Surf Gang

An Ode to the Filthy Flamingo Surf Gang

When a well so deep
Owned by the goons at BP
With oil began to leak
And gush into the sea

The formation of this gang
Did all begin
When this oil so putrid
Had all sunk in

These flamingos were pink
And now they’re not
Transformed by stink
And oil so hot

These birds were friendly
Gentle and kind as well
But now they’re mean
And they emit a smell

The other birds
Call them stinking greasers
But the flamingos retaliate
And kill all them geese’s

They terrorize the coast
And the swamps of Florida
Trashing nests in trees
And strong arming fauna

Thus goes the tale
Of the flamingo surf gang
So filthy and rough
You better believe it mang

The End