MULGA mass outbreak at Futakotamagawa Station!

In hopes of allarting the importance for covid-19, MULGA is providing a winter version of the “STAY SAFE ARTS” illustrations for free of charge to anyone who want to use these artworks.
At the department of Tamagawa Takashimaya, “STAY SAFE” artworks are shown as signages at Futakotamagawa Station. Families using the train station said, “it is so enjoyable to see these fun artworks in the stations and good to tell the need for hand washing to children. This is very good!’.

MULGA signage promotion at Futakotamagawa Station is from December 7th to 20th.

We hope that our ‘STAY SAFE PROJECT’ artworks are used in any area, and to allart the importance of prevention of infection to people with fun artworks.