オーストラリア シドニーにあるSharkbar Manlyさんでのお仕事風景を、レッドブル オーストラリアさんスポンサーでビデオができました!



An Ode to Captain Kyle the Shark サメのカイル船長のものがたり

In the whole of the ocean he was the happiest shark
Smiling all the time like he was on a ride at the park

He had an abundance of energy from a magical potion
It increased his swimming speed when he swam in the ocean

Every corner of the deep it was rumoured he had swum
No other creature had done it, he was the only one

After adventuring the ocean for so very many years
He had proved the doubters wrong and overcome all of his fears

By the High Council of the Ocean he was named a captain of the deep
This quite honourable bestowment ensured that his smile did keep

He received a captains hat and a sweet pipe too
And everyone called him Captain Kyle the Shark from the blue

The End.