Pearl the Pussycat

An Ode to Pearl the Pussycat


She was the fluffiest cat I have ever seen

And her soft soft fur had a shine and a gleam


She had the sweetest poncho in all of the place

Whilst wearing her poncho she always had a happy face


She was heaps good at running the best in her clowder

Her favourite dinner was carrots with a side of clam chowder


She was so fast at running she could catch the rainbow

She’d sprint up that thing with it’s colour and glow


When she’d reach the summit she’d stop for a chamomile tea

With her buddy the unicorns who were super friendly


Then they’d prance around in the clouds so fluffy and white

Pearl would pretend to be a pink cloud, she was quite a sight


Sometimes baby rainbow would come hang out with Pearl

They’d frolic under the sprinkler and jump and twirl


Those were the days and that was the thing

This is the end of this ode ring a ding ding


The End