Frankie and Boo Boo

The story of Frankie and Boo Boo

There was these two dudes and they were unlikely best friends. One was called Frankie the banana and he never wore a shirt only a pair of brightly coloured boardies. The other dude was a little poop call Boo Boo and he was well known for his potty humour. He was a regular at the comedy clubs for his hilarious act and many potty themed jokes. He came up with most of his jokes when he was hanging out in the dunny because that’s where he felt most at home and the jokes just really seemed to flow out of him.

In addition to hanging out in the John coming up with poop jokes and also pooping they loved windsurfing heaps. They would travel the world for 6 months of the year going to the best windy beaches and getting sweet windsurfing airs and doing sweet carves and going super fast and other windsurfy stuff like that. And Boo Boo loved getting gnarly as tubes on his windsurfer, that was the best ever. That’s the story of Frankie and Boo Boo.

The End