Floyd the Flamingo


An Ode to An Ode to Floyd the Flamingo


Todd Wilcoxon, Tim Lee, Clarry Moore, Leon Shore,

Nath Sutton, Fiona Ingram, Michael Zoneff and Mulga


Floyd the flamingo loves to limbo

He’s a bird with shoes and he does electric poos


He’s a dude but he don’t mind wearing pink

He stands on one leg and he don’t care what you think


He likes to swoon on the dark side of the moon

But everyone knows this pink Floyd aint no goon


He’s a groovy bird and he likes to dance

His moonwalk will fully leave you in a trance


With crown on his head and kicks on his feet

There’s nothing Floyd likes more than a sweet disco beat


As a flamingo he’s pretty neat

And when you lick his feathers it tastes pretty sweet


Watch his legs as he bounces to his funky beat

He is truly the funkiest thing you’ll ever meet


The End


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