Eggbert the Most Excellent Eagle

An Ode to Eggbert the Most Excellent Eagle

This eagle’s got style, this eagle’s got skills
And he’s the top of the list for small mammal kills

When he does a dive-bomb he generates the heat
And he completes the move with a snap of his beak

He is known as Eggbert the Most Excellent Eagle
And his sense of style is a thing so regal

He’s the top of the food chain where ever he goes
And speaking of chains he’s also got one of those

The shiniest gold is what he wears around his neck
And for any disrespecting jerks their eyes he does peck

He traded talons for a pair of kicks so sweet
So now he can breakdance and not hurt his feet

His magical sunnies allow him to see with more precision
If that’s even possible given his eagle eye vision

In summary the thing that I would really like to say
Is that Eggbert the Excellent Eagle is pretty darn great

The End