Dougie the Donut Pizza

An Ode to Dougie the Donut Pizza

Dougie achieved fame in a peculiar kind of way
It was for being the best pizza delivery guy every day

When he delivered pizza to his dad he asked for a tip
His dad said “Be good to your mum” with a smile of his lip

After a while Dougie wanted to try something new
So he opened up his own pizza shop or two

In his shop he had a lab where he experimented all night
Some of his pizza creations would give you a fright

There was a pizza with cheese harvested from the moon
And topped with the choicest cuts from a magic mushroom

One fateful night whilst working in the lab
He mixed donuts and pizza but it turned out so bad

The whole lab exploded, it was a frightful scene
When he emerged he was mutant and kind of obscene

He was now part man, part donut, part pizza slice
Frightful yet delicious, weird tasting yet nice

He got heaps famous and into movies he went
Getting sweet roles as the pizza slice gent

The End