Cortez King of the Sea


An Ode to Cortez King of the Sea


He was a magical dude in the ocean deep

Born under water when the world was asleep


All the ocean creatures obeyed his commands

Because he was king of the seas and it’s lands


When he travelled around he rode on dolphins two

And in his beard secured tightly was tritons a few


He battled against those who disrespected the seas

Vanquished them with his tritons with apparent ease


But for all his ceaseless battling around

Cortez could not help but to be losing ground


The amount of trash getting washed into the sea

Was on another level like the princess and the pea


Once so pristine and clean all around the place

The ocean was now full of crap from the human race


What can be done about this trash ridden stew

There’s many solutions so go and do


The End