Clarry the Surfing Turtle

An Ode to Clarry the Surfing Turtle


There was this turtle called Clarry a real cool dude

One of his favourite places was under shade in the tube


After a day of tubes he would then retire to bed

And after some winks of sleep he’d hop on his moped


As the founding member of the North Bondi Motorino Social Club

He loves hooning around on ‘Gary’ his moped and his bud


Sometimes when he’s feeling frisky he pops wheelies all around

He wheelies down on the beach and he wheelies up in town


His great, great, great, great granddaddy is a tortoise called John

The oldest living reptile who also loves to sing a song


When they get together he rides around on ‘Gary’

John is singing the songs while the riding’s done by Clarry


The End