Nic-Nic the Bin Chicken

The story of Nic-Nic the Bin Chicken


Once the was a Bin Chicken called Nic-Nic and he was known as being the raddest bin chicken in his flock. His flock hung out down at the park chilling and playing hacky sack and frisbee and fun stuff like that.


Nic-Nic’s favourite beverage was a strawberry milkshake with extra strawberry syrup because he believed that the strawberry flavouring gave him the edge in playing hacky sack and it was kind of true because after every time he had a strawberry milkshake he could do a jester perfectly every time.


Some of his friends disagreed with his hypothesis and instead reasoned that it was his funky shoes that gave him the edge because he was the only dude to have shoes and everyone knows it’s heaps easier to play hacky sack when you are wearing shoes compared to those wrinkly bin chicken talons.


The End