Betsy the Magical Mermaid

An Ode to Betsy the Magical Mermaid

Once in the Caribbean was born a girl
The moon was full and there was a nice swell
She learnt to surf before she could walk
And learnt how to free dive before she could talk
Some of her best buds lived under the sea
Like Chrisso the porpoise and a turtle called Lee
She spent so much time frolicking in the waters blue
That on her a mermaids tail grew and grew
It was a truly wonderous and magical thing
And as fast as Chrisso she could now swim
So she gathered her buds and told them the news
Everyone was stoked and there was many woohoos
Then they all raced to the lighthouse and some waves they got
All they way to shore where the sand was hot
They ordered milkshakes made by Sammy the crab
At the old milk bar which was pretty fab

The End