Anchor Beard Andrew

An Ode to Anchor beard Andrew

The music festival was totally rad
But I still got burnt wearing my bucket hat

I raged through the day and then into the night
And when I awoke was greeted by the sight

Of an anchor lodged deep within my beard
Of how it got here no memory is seared

I have hazy recollections of boarding a ship
Taking to the helm and giving the captain the slip

Where did I sail and what did I do?
What mischief arose? I wish that I knew

Now back to my dilemma and this anchor so weird
And how to extract it from my bushy ole beard

The anchor and my beard have fused as one
And it’s pulling at my face, it weighs a tonne

Cutting off my beard seems the only solution
But inhumane it would be, performing a beard execution

So I am resigned to my fate this anchor’s here to stay
And I think I’ll grow to like it more everyday

The End