Lion Hat Hajime

An Ode to Lion Hat Hajime

The greatest of beards had this dude that I know
He lived life fast and never slow mo

He travelled the world many times in his life
Many adventures he did have and even some strife

He only had 8 fingers cause a gater got 2
And 9 toes cause a lion nibbled his shoe

With his 2 bare hands he fought that lion
Recovered his foot digit before it was dying

Got it sown back on but it just didn’t stay
So he got it taxidermied and it really looked great

Sometime later at the watering hole, he met that lion again
They ended up chatting and becoming good friends

They went on many adventures all over the place
Even talked about building a rocket to space

That’s the end of this story I hope you had fun
Remember why walk if instead you can run

The End