Dance Master Tommy Franklin

An Ode to the Dance Master Tommy Franklin

Once there was a dude who danced around the world

Spreading good vibes each time his limbs unfurled

He danced over here and he danced over there

He danced like a a man without a single care

Anyone who saw him dance his magic moves

Couldn’t but help to get up and join in the grooves

And each time they did his beard would a little bit grow

Till it was long and lustrous with a nice bushy flow

Once he went out to the bush for a little rave

And all the local animals emerged from their cave

They began to bust the moves to the beat

Just like this guy with the magical moving feet

Animals would join him everywhere he went

They’d live in his beard which was very well kept

He’d travel around with his animals bro’s

Gathering people and hosting dance shows

The End