Silly Sausage Surf Crew


An Ode to The Silly Sausage Surf Crew


The Silly Sausage Surf Crew

Are the zaniest meats

In the whole stew


They are crazy

In their meaty brains

Sometime hazy

Often playing games


They love to carve

Each other good

Freaky sausages

Up to no good


With knife and fork

They love to feast

They hunt like a hawk

And attack like beast


When cut they bleed

Slimy sausage juice

Like an oil leak

Or a stinky moose


You’ll often find them

On the BBQ

Chilling with onion

And things that go moo


Put them in your

Chewing hole

Clench your teeth

And hear them yell


That’s the sound

Of the Sausage Crew

Being eaten

By big bad you


The End