Mickey the Powerful Owlet

An Ode to Mikey the Powerful Owlet


Mikey is an owl who was born to a fam

They live in the trees on Byles Creek land


They like to hang out and have a good time

Hooting out songs and having a jive


When not jiving about and having a laugh

Mikey likes jamming out riffs on his acoustic guitar


He plays regular gigs to packed out crowds

The creatures of the land and even some hounds


Another thing about Mickey is that he is the most powerful owl

Stronger than a bull and even a fully grown cow


He once lifted a branch that was as thick as a log

After it fell off the tree onto a little green frog


For all the fun that Mickey doth got

He’s in very real danger of losing the lot


Some dudes want to destroy the trees of his birth

But this place is special cause his home springs from its earth


The End