Benny Big Foot

An Ode to Benny Big Foot


He was a fabled creature often thought not real

Descended from Chewie with just as much zeal


Building tree houses in the bush is where he spent his youth

Beautifully crafted abodes for animals like Johnno and Ruth


But as time wore on he felt the desire arise

To jog on the sands as the sun hit the skies


So at Bondi Beach every morn you’ll find him jogging along

Doing laps of the sand and humming his song


“I’m Benny Bigfoot and that’s my name,

And running on the sand, that’s my game”


Whenever the beach running race comps were on

He won all his races because he was fast and strong


The fact that he had heaps gigantic feet

Gave him the edge and made him the one to beat


So take off ya shoes and put on ya feet

And have run around on the sandy beach


The End